Thursday, August 17, 2017

What - You want me to be the Salt Lake County Recorder

What? - You want me to be the Salt Lake County Recorder?

Last week, a friend of mine texted me and called me and wanted to know if I was willing to be the Salt Lake County Recorder. He said he was planning on nominating me from the floor of the special central committee meeting. You can guess my reaction.

But Victor, 
I have already told Mel Nimer he would do a great job as the Recorder. He has likely sent out a list of endorsements including me. 

I already have my yard signs for Utah House Representatives, and even though I didn't win last year,, I was planning on running next year. 

I have already told people I am running for that office next year. If I ran for Recorder, and somehow won, I would likely run for Recorder in 2018 and I don't have any signs.

I am a self employed architect and have projects I am working on. 

If you know Victor, that wasn't enough. He pointed out reasons I should run. I asked for some time to think about it.

I called Mel Nimer. If I agreed to be nominated, I did not want Mel to feel like I let him down. He was OK either way.

(This is where I say I never did endorse Julie Dole to run for Salt Lake County Recorder)

I made other calls. Very early this morning, I noticed a text from Victor on my work phone. He said the Media was already reporting that I was running, so perhaps his nomination was not required. 

Really? I found out who told the press. They thought my candidacy was a done deal. So it is.

Here I am a candidate for County Recorder for tonight. I still have almost 11 hours to get ready. First thing was to go to my political website I hadn't done much with since last year and take down last years endorsements. :)

Why would anyone vote for me? There are already great people running.

First, I want the committee tonight to pick the very best person to be recorder. If you vote for me, I will serve. I can do it. I can hit the ground running. If you don't pick me. No bad feelings. Neither of us knew I was running. I can still run next year for Utah House.

Second, as an architect, I can read property boundary descriptions and easements. I know how important these and deeds are to owners and developers. They need to be right.  I have also learned over the years that is better to know who knows something, than promote that you know everything yourself. I know a lot about a few things and a little about a lot of things, but if you meet someone that says they know everything about everything.....RUN AWAY!   :)

For over 30 years I have walked into the Recorders Office to get copies of Subdivisions, Plats, Deeds, Easements, etc. 
I have seen things change, and in most cases for the better.

I have regularly used the recorder's office, the surveyor's office or website, and the assessor's office website. It is true that they need to communicate with each other. The Surveyor and Assessor websites function fairly well and are free to use. Because of the cost to use it, the Recorder's website might as well be non existent to anyone that doesn't work for a title company. It however needs to be separate. I do not agree with proposals to combine the office.

The Recorder's office has some really great staff, such as Rich (who knows how to do anything or knows who does), and the front counter staff. The computers that staff uses for most customers work much better than years ago.

If you are looking for an easement from pre-statehood, the 1/2 size record books with the large magnifying glass are a pain to use and see clearly. The Office has them on the computer, which you can see better zoomed in, which didn't work the last time I needed it. It was working for the out of office people. It can take a while to use the microfiche cards, but you don't need to use them as much as you used to. Gary Ott, over the last 15 or so years, has made things work much better.

Third, the recorder's office helps protect the property rights for over a million people and businesses covering Salt Lake County. It needs someone that knows something about property rights and gives the office the respect it deserves.

What would I do if selected to be the County Recorder?

Make sure the information coming from the new computer software the Recorder's Office developed in-house, communicates with the old mainframe computer the county is still using for other offices. Since the office created the software, we don't need some outside team coming in to provide a translating interface, it just needs to be done, and should have been done prior to the switch.

Change the atmosphere for the employees. One former employee told me how she loved working for Katie Dixon because she knew she cared about her personally and her family.
I have read though the audits from the county and the state and several items still need to be followed up on.

I can make sure my current clients are OK and projects happen. In the past, I have served 4 different years in the Utah Legislature. I know how to make that work.

I have read though the chapter in state law that says what the County Recorder's office must do. We need more focus on that and making sure things are done right, and still quickly enough not to stop projects or slow down someone buying a new home. 

We need a Recorder that can go to the legislature and help them understand how proposed changes in the law effect this office and the property rights of our county. As a former legislator, I can do that.

We also need leadership and not management in the office. How cool would it be to walk in the Recorder's office needing help finding a document, and have the Recorder realize the line is too long and come offer to help you find what you are looking for.

Again, pick the best candidate. If you vote for me, I will work to protect the property rights of this county, protect the records it stores, and makes sure the public can get access to them. I will also make sure the office remembers to help the average person, and not just the title companies.

Fred C Cox

Monday, August 14, 2017

I have NOT endorsed Julie Dole for County Recorder. She isn't the Recorder Now. She wasn't legally appointed.

I have NOT endorsed Julie Dole for County Recorder. Since there is a new post with my photo with a 2011 endorsement for Julie Dole for SLCo Gop Chair being posted on the web, by Julie, I should clarify. If you read it carefully, it asks what is changed. Initially I just thought it to be a very public way of pointing out I have NOT endorsed her for SLCo Recorder for Thursday to fill the vacancy caused when Gary Ott stepped down.

If you don't read it clearly, some have assumed to be a current endorsement, which is NOT true. I have now seen perhaps Nineteen of these for different people, some of which are active candidates for the office. As far as I know, None of these has endorsed her for the current race. It is possible this is a violation of state law 76-9-407.

I have also posted this reply: [Julie] I do believe you have worked very hard for the last 4 years, (thank you) but we are looking to replace Gary Ott. You have made sure Gary was able to win in 2014 and stay in office for this long despite his current limitations.

It appears you have assumed the office of Salt Lake County Recorder the last couple of weeks without an appointment contrary to 20A-1-508 and 17-16-7 and apparent violation of 76-8-203. I do believe you can run the office [as deputy] until the council appoints the party nominee, most likely on the 22nd.

I don't know who will be nominated to be our party nominee on Thursday. We are taking nominees from the floor, so it could be almost anyone.

I did say this: Mel Nimer is someone I trust that has the knowledge, experience and ideas to tackle the current problems with the Salt Lake Recorder's office, and make it work for everyone and not just title companies. There are great people in the office that have worked hard for many years. I believe Mel will solve the recent lack of computer coordination with the surveyor's and assessor's offices.

When the Salt Lake County Sheriff stepped down, it was announced Undersheriff Scott Carver would be acting Sheriff. He didn't assume the office of sherriff, but correctly stated

" In the absence of the sheriff, the undersheriff has full authority to act as the sheriff for operational and administrative purposes. He, along with the many very experienced and highly qualified supervisory staff, and the even more important line staff, will ensure that the mission of the Sheriff’s Office and the Unified Police Department is carried out in the most effective and professional way. We will continue to serve the citizens of this county with unwavering commitment and without interruption of service in any way."

"Once the Salt Lake County Council notifies the Utah Democratic Party of the vacancy, they will begin the process of filling the position. This process should be completed within 45-60 days."

If the DA thought they would get this with Julie Dole, Chief Deputy, acting as Recorder, they were wrong. It appears she illegally assumed the office she hasn't been appointed to.

She now is implying endorsements for County Recorder that are 6 years old for a different office, asking what has changed. She has. The public was deceived in 2014 apparently by Julie to get Gary Ott elected. She got the money and now has assumed the office. Since no one seems to be willing to endorse her she is now implying fake ones as well.

Perhaps the person in the Recorder's Office with the biggest mental health challenge wasn't Gary Ott. It appears Julie Dole should be locked up.

Monday, August 7, 2017

2011 to 2016 Original Sponsored Bills

Some comments in the 2016 Election mentioned my effectiveness. I can make this bill list look much larger and pad this list with Co-Sponsored Bills, but those bills are sponsored by someone else and you just sign to endorse them. No other work is required.

Original Sponsored Bills
(Not including Substitute versions,  Co-Sponsored or Floor Sponsored Bills)

HB0221S01    Classic Car Inspections (Gov. Signed)
HB0227    Test Driving Vehicles (Industry Changed)
HB0281    Sex Offender and Kidnapping Amendments (See 2012)
HB0377    Higher Education Textbook Fairness Act (Agency Changed Policy)
HB0380    Utah Lands Protection Act (See 2012)

Several Redistricting map proposals

HB0018S01    Kidnapping Offender Amendments (passed, Gov. Signed)
HB0067S03    Storm Water Capture Amendments (See 2013)
HB0209S01    Utah Lands Protection Act (Alternate Bill passed)
HB0262    Building Code Amendments (Modified in 2013)

2013 (Sponsored for 2013, Transferred, passed and Gov. signed)
HB0036    Storm Water Capture Amendments (passed, Gov. Signed)
HB0215    Water Quality Amendments (passed, Gov. Signed)
HB0262    Unaffiliated Voter Amendments (passed, Gov. Signed)
HB0338    Alimony Revisions (passed, Gov. Signed)

HB0029    Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board Amendments (Passed, Gov. Signed)
HB0126S02    Design Professionals - Amendments (Alternate Passed in 2016)
HB0162    Construction Trades Continuing Education Amendments (See 2016)
HB0177S02    Modifications to Voting Law (Passed, Gov. Signed)
HB0243    Vintage Vehicle Amendments (Passed, Gov. Signed)
HB0281    Revisions to Elections Law
HB0286    Building Code Amendments (Alternate Bill Passed 2016)
HB0448    Disabled Adult Child Guardianship (1/2 passed in another bill)
HB0450    Licensing Modifications (See 2016)

Alternate to moving the Draper Prison

HB0011S02    Referendum Amendments
HB0065S01    Exemption from Daylight Saving Time
HB0069    Qualified Political Party Amendments
HB0080    Vehicle Impound Amendments
HB0101S02 Disabled Adult Guardianship Amendments (Passed and Gov. Signed)
HB0108    Licensing Amendments
HB0109 Construction Trades Education Amendments (Alternate Passed)
HB0125    Fire Code Amendments (Alternate Construction and Fire Codes Passed)
HB0152S01    Voted and Board Local Levy Modifications (passed in HB1)
HB0256    Net Metering of Electricity Amendments
HB0261    Wood Burning Stoves Amendments
HB0269    Recycling of Copper Wire (Passed and Gov Signed)
HB0361    Air Quality Modifications (Included in other passed bill)
HB0429    Specie Legal Tender Amendments
HJR011    Joint Resolution Designating Utah as a Purple Heart State (Passed and Lt. Gov. Signed)

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