Sunday, October 20, 2019

Just vote no on Utah tax reform

Raising sales tax on food is bad. Adding rebates or credits or reductions of other taxes only helps some of those hurt, and doesn't help them when they need it.

Transportation related sales tax is to go to transportation per our state constitution.

Raising taxes for services in many cases will cause those services to be moved out of state.

The Legislature adjusting formulas to raise our property taxes for education and then deciding there is too much money going to education and not enough going to prisons when we are wasting hundreds of millions moving the prison from Draper so we can build an international port at the airport and will need to move the prison again is foolish.

The legislature used to only build higher education buildings with one time education money when the budget allowed it. That changed and they can't figure out why the budget doesn't work to spend what they want anymore?

I understand why the proposed tax changes make the spreadsheets work better for the legislature but they don't make the taxpayers spreadsheets work better.

Just vote no.