Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Problems with 2014 SB 100

The bill 2014 SB 100, has problems. This lists just a few of them. For more about my general attitude on this subject, see:


re: 2014 SB 100:

Senator, I wish you had revised this more from last year. I think you are heading the correct direction generally, but still have some concerns you didn't address:  (This has the same concerns from last year's 2013 SB 262 )

I don't like lines 499 to 529. The toilet room situation isn't helped by what is there. To delete those sections primarily, I suggest the following:

For purposes of discrimination, "Gender identity" means an individual's internal sense or belief of gender, without regard to the individual's designated sex at birth.

For purposes of physical employment accommodation, "Gender identity" includes notification by an individual they have undergone or are undergoing physical gender transition.

Both Sexual orientation and Gender identity need to have the word belief or believed added. Some can argue if someone is gay or not, but they should allow the same treatment we require for differences of religious belief. I don't have to agree with another religion. I can still treat their practitioners with respect and not fire them because we disagree in that area.

For purposes of discrimination, "Sexual orientation" means an individual's actual, believed, or perceived orientation as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.

It should be 4 or more housing units with exceptions. That isn't clear.

Covered places of residential accommodation include 4 or more units, including 4 single family houses or a four-plex or larger, except owned by or operated by religious organizations, non-profit organizations, or an Affiliate.

It should be companies with 15 or more employees with exceptions.

Covered places of employment include 15 or more employees, except owned by or operated by religious organizations, non-profit organizations, or an Affiliate.

I am not sure Affiliate is the correct term.

It should allow exceptions for the Boy Scouts, BYU, Beehive Clothing, but not KSL TV or Deseret News.

New for this year is coordination with the fight to protect Utah Art. 1, Sec. 29.