Saturday, February 24, 2024

Pre-register for and attend your Neighborhood Caucus Meetings March 5, 2024

 It is very important that you attend your neighborhood caucus meetings on Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

You will have the ability to elect precinct officers and state and county delegates.
You also will have a chance to vote in the Presidential Preference vote, which will help determine who our national delegates will vote for to select the Republican Party Nominee for President.
There will not be a Republican Primary for President this year in Utah. There are 3 candidates still left on your ballot. March 5th is Super Tuesday nationally where many states will be voting.
It will save you and everyone time if you pre-register prior to coming to caucus night. Bring the email you receive or print it out prior to coming.
If you don't, they will likely ask you to do so when you arrive. Doing it in advance gives you time to fix any issues with your voter registration if you have moved recently.
The pre-registration process only takes a few minutes. to Pre-Register for Caucus go to:
and click on the Preregister for Caucus button.
I ask that you carefully select County Delegates at your Caucus meeting to represent you. Not only will they help to determine if there is a primary for Utah State House District 30, they will also vote on a county wide council race, district county council races, and a new county surveyor.
See more at:
I am the only Republican candidate for State House District 30 that filed "convention only",
and so the Caucus meeting on March 5th at Granger High School and the Convention on April 12th and April 13th, matter to my race.
I ask for your vote.
Neighborhood Caucus Meetings for State House District 30
When: Tue, March 5, 6pm – 10pm
Where: Granger High School, 3580 3600 W, West Valley City, UT 84119
Meet and check in at 6pm. The meeting starts at 7pm.
Super Tuesday. Includes Presidential Preference.
Fred C. Cox
801-966-2636 home
Vote for Fred C. Cox to represent State House District 30 at the Utah House of Representatives