Monday, October 1, 2018

Is Prop 2 ready to vote on

Is Prop 2 ready to vote yes on?

Just take 2 items for example.

$100 fine, but that isn't enforceable. You forget your license to transport or to be a patient, and they have to assume you are legit.

2 oz. of raw material every 2 weeks. Not in any form that has even been claimed to be medicine. You can't smoke the raw material (if they catch you) but you sure can legally heat and breath the vapors.

Two more for added measure, lets take away any city's say in where in their city locations can be. We don't do that for anything else, with the new exception of homeless shelters.

The green cross places can't advertise that they are selling, with the exception of the green cross and that they can advertise for employees.

Vote No on Prop. 2. It isn't ready.