Sunday, November 27, 2016

Showing Respect to those we disagree with

If you have read  Paul Rolly's hit piece on Rep. LaVar Christensen, perhaps you should also read this.

I had a comment re: what Paul said about me, (See Below) but I have been speechless as to what he said about Rep. Christensen.

In 2012, I was criticized by some because I refused to run a negative mailer about Rep. Janice Fisher. I wanted her to spend time with her grand kids and I wanted to win, but I did not want her to walk in to the local Smith's and hold her head down because of something I said. She had been in West Valley Politics for 30 years and deserved that respect and gratitude.

Earlier this year, I refused to go after Mike with his past media troubles or problems as Mayor for the same reason. Both moves may have cost me elections, but I felt both times like it was the right thing to do.

If Paul Rolly had said what he did about Rep. Christensen prior to Nov. 8th, It likely would have flipped the election, but at what cost? Agree with Rep. Christensen or not, he deserves the same respect I believe Rep. Janice Fisher deserved in 2012.

What good does it now do to try to make Rep. Christensen hang his head going into his local grocery store, win or lose? 

In the more than 17,000 votes, I doubt one vote will change with the recount.

re: My comment to the article. 

Most of the amendments I have made to bills over the years were a few words and most of the time, the sponsor did know it was coming.

In the thousands of bills I have voted on, I voted for or against a bill based on what was written, not who the sponsor was or which party they belonged to. If I couldn't vote for it, I would see if there was a way to amend it so I could vote for it. I also had a reputation of reading through every bill I had to vote on.

What I actually said was "Motion to Amend", and yes it did get a lot of laughs.

I hope to be back in 2 years.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Voting my conscience and hoping Trump follows the Constitution and does well

I have been amazed at the attitude by some that I did what I always do, vote for the best people running. 

Normally I get to the bottom of the ballot and had voted for all R's, but sometimes a D. This was the first year I had to go for write-ins, unaffiliated candidates, and 3rd party as well as D's to fill up my ballot. 

Yes, the majority of my votes were for Republicans, but I was not impressed with some of the options. 

What amazes me the most, was several of my friends "verbally" beat me up for voting my conscience. It is what we are supposed to do. 

I voted for or against thousands of bills for 4 legislative sessions. I didn't vote yes or no because of the sponsor. 

I believe the GOP can recover, Replace the RNC chair with Carly Fiorina or someone else, and I do believe we can get rid of the attitude that the party can take away your agency. I have not given up yet. 

I didn't vote for or support the candidate Donald Trump, but I do hope he follows the US Constitution and ends up being a good POTUS, for the Country's sake.