Monday, June 27, 2016

If Gov Gary Herbert wins tomorrow - will he run in 4 more years

I saw someone yesterday post that they thought there was a limit to the number of terms Gary Herbert could run. There isn't.

I have heard some that are voting for Gov. Herbert because he may not run in 4 years and they can get someone more moderate or more conservative elected in 2020. That is faulty reasoning.

Robert Gehrke wrote is this in 2014: "In 1994, a group gathered enough signatures to put an initiative on the ballot to impose term limits on elected officials. The Legislature responded by passing legislation, which Leavitt signed into law, imposing term limits. The ballot measure, made moot by the legislation, failed that November."

"Then, in 2003, before the term limits took effect, Bramble sponsored legislation, also signed by Leavitt, repealing term limits."