Saturday, January 21, 2023

Keep Utah's Flag

 Senator. I was not happy you voted to change Utah's flag in committee

A short note as to why you may wish to consider changing that vote on the floor. I wrote this after seeing the recent TV ads funded by the state and a recent op-ed by Senator Mike Lee. 

vexillologists. Yes the organization created by one person with rules written by one person. Yes, over the years he has enough followers to get an award from an organization he created. The real problem? There have been many comments re a new flag. People were asked to submit a new flag. Then people were asked to pick one of the new flags. Were people asked if they wanted a new flag or if they could pick the current one? NO! This has been led by a few. The ads on TV are funded by a state agency funded by a few. The only real, but somewhat  biased survey of what Utahns think about a new flag in general is on the agency's website. They hired a firm to ask less than 800 Utahns if they wanted a new flag. About 1/3 were a no, 1/3 were a yes and 1/3 were undecided. This didn't even have a pick between our current clarified 2011 flag and this proposed one. Yes, we live in a republic and yes former Rep Handy and State Senator McCay have done all they can to convince us we need a new flag, but they don't have a majority of support and so they send out TV ads and now this op-ed? Rubbish. It appears the lobbyist and consultant hired by the state agency to promote this new flag is being asked to earn their keep. Let's keep our current flag.

Fred C Cox
4466 Early Duke Street
West Valley City, UT 54120-5723