Monday, November 22, 2010

Health Care

Replace the current Obamacare. It will likely and should be declared unconstitutional.

Allow private health care insurance companies and providers to have policies/plans that cross state lines with the following rules:

1. A Limitation of Liability can be set for errors and omissions provided it is at least $250,000 per case and $500,000 per year. All medical disputes between provider/insurer and/or insured shall be submitted to nonbinding mediation unless the parties mutually agree otherwise. Binding Arbitration shall not be forced on any party.

2. Insured can find out the itemized cost of all non-emergency health care in advance and agree to the any and/or all amounts in advance.

3. Insurance and/or Health Care Providers must provide incentives for Preventative Care, Health Savings Accounts and High Deductible accounts.

4. All Health Insurance premiums paid by insured, self-employed or employer are tax deductible at the federal level.

5. All Health Insurance plans are portable, including between employer, or insured locations within the US.

6. There is to be no waiting period for preexisting conditions.

7. Insurance Providers must also provide plans for High Risk patients.

8. Health Care Providers part of this system of allowances and rules can refuse emergency care or free care for non-emergency needs.

9. Insurance and/or Health Care Providers may not be required to pay for abortions.

10. Laws against waste, fraud and abuse by insured/insurance/providers will be enforced.