Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Endorsement of Cherilyn Eagar for Congress

I have been associated with Cherilyn Eagar for years. I was active in helping her team when she ran for US Senate. I have watched her tireless effort in promoting conservative values, that didn’t diminish when that race was over. Her extensive knowledge of the US Constitution along with State, National and International policies and situations is simply amazing.

As a newly appointed member of the Utah House of Representatives, I have found that bills being drafted or debated often contain conflicting ideas and principles and that it is sometimes very difficult to determine which way to vote. While I have watched others be overly critical of that process, Cherilyn has been only supportive, even when she didn’t agree. I have watched her be firm in principles and values while continuing always to learn. It is with that background that I endorse Cherilyn Eagar for the US House of Representatives as someone I trust and that will represent Utah well.

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