Wednesday, December 28, 2011

KSL and Deseret New please get the right Utah 2012 Election Congressional Map

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I have called KSL several times, including last night, and yet KSL still continues to show incorrect 2012 Election Utah Congressional maps and especially points out wrong 4th district graphics and descriptions.
Deseret News hasn't been much better, and even refused to post my recent comment pointing out the bad map or description.
Does KSL/Deseret News not have links or graphics that are correct?
I would think your reporters would be embarrassed to have incorrect graphics shown with their stories. KSL/Deseret News is not helping to serve the public interest, when after 2 months you still can't get it right, confusing the public.
If the 4th District doesn't look like an "L" for liberty and looks more like a squashed peanut, you have the wrong map.
You often show my congressional map substitute 20, which was never voted on, (it came out too late) or even more often the map that passed the senate initially, but which the house never voted on. The final map, Substitute 19 passed both houses by 2/3 vote with both republicans and democrats voting for and against it.
You want the "Enrolled" congressional map version.
To create some correct graphics,
Try the following links:
Most importantly
For anyone to find out what district they live in:
Have them go to the Lt. Governor's website at:
It also has some very cool .pdf maps. If they aren't too light, I would suggest them.
There are also maps at:
If you use Google Earth, the KMZ file below it (and the other maps) works fine, allowing anyone to zoom up to their house by typing in their address.
The LT. Governor's site works very well, even if it is a little less forgiving on the address. The Lt. Governor's site will tell someone all 4 voting districts they live in, Congressional, State House, State Senate, and State School Board. While it doesn't have the new precinct boundaries yet, it is pretty amazing.
Again, its link is at:
If you don't like any of them, you are welcome to use any of the maps I posted on my blog, with some at:
Including one .pdf map that shows how the 4th district cuts through West Valley City.
I have attached some numbers generated by the public redistricting website that show the 4th district has 85% of its population from Salt Lake County based on the 2010 Census. (OK, it has the population breakout but you can create the percentages). 38% of the 2nd District's population is from Salt Lake County and 26% of the population of the 3rd District is from Salt Lake County.
You will notice that Juab and Sanpete counties are split between the 2nd and 4th, as well as Utah and Salt Lake Counties. The Deseret News recently incorrectly stated that Juab and Sanpete were all in the 4th.
Fred C. Cox, West Valley City, UT