Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 Survey Results

I have received a request for survey results to be posted on my website or blog. I have posted some of the results on my facebook page, and I am including what results I have here:
Based on over 200 of my surveys that came back this year in our area

The following are results/notes. The actual wording is at:

Funding Priority
#1 Fund Growth in Pub. Ed
#2 is a tie between no tax increases and maintaining existing roads
#4 is a public education teacher raise
#5 is to stop using one time funds for ongoing needs
#6 is public safety/corrections
#7 is maintain existing buildings
#8 is replenish rainy day fund
#9 is to reduce the state bonding debt
#10 is to fund growth in higher ed
#11 is to fund a higher ed teacher raise
#12 fund a state employee raise.

Liquor Laws
No Change, Keep them 40
Increase DUI penalties 115
Privatization 100
Grant More Licenses 87
Locate News stores in Commercial areas 49
Other 18

Daylight Savings
Keep 86
Get rid of 105
Modify back 13
(I did vote to move the bill to get rid of DST to the House, but the bill failed 5 for and 7 against in committee)

Constitutional Carry Bill
(We didn't get one after all)
Don't require the Concealed Carry Permit 46
Keep the Concealed Carry Permit 146
Other 13

National Popular Vote Compact
Don't Join 131
Join 56

Repeal Guest Worker 2011 HB 116
Yes 71
No 104
(The "repeal" bill got killed in the Senate, the "modify" bill HB 300 is still in the House)

Increase Enforcement using E-Verify
Yes 158
No 21
(Rep. Sandstrom is still working on that one, I believe it will be 2012 HB 477, and if so, the media will love that bill number.)

Improve Legal Immigration
Yes 151
No 31
(2011 HB 469 is still available to use)

Utah should just wait for the Feds on Immigration
Yes 34
No 144