Friday, June 22, 2012

Fires Do we really need more laws or just more common sense

Do we really need more laws, or just more common sense?

Last year Utah Legislature voted for the new "cake" fireworks because they go up hot but come down cool. They have a stable base so they don't fall over. They were backed by several fire marshals.

Last year we had fires started by illegal fireworks. One in Ogden started a bush fire and one in South Jordan took out a garage and burned two people. The fire for Red Butte canyon was a campfire.

So the question: Why do people in Utah still buy and use the illegal fireworks?

Don't blame the new "cake" fireworks. I am not aware of any caused by them.

This year the legislature decreased the time fireworks could be used, to save dog owners and people working nights some grief. People were not to be setting them off at 3am based on local noise ordinances, but that wasn't enough, so the hours of use were added.

Also, target shooting with traditional copper/lead bullets doesn't spark.

Shooting exploding targets or non-traditional rounds do spark.

Shooting old TV's during a fire danger is just plain dumb.

Again, Do we really need more laws, or just more common sense?