Saturday, October 27, 2012

A public response to Bob Bernick

Bob Bernick,


"Last week the House GOP caucus – which is usually open – closed its doors so members could discuss which among their colleagues are worried about losing Nov. 6.

Sources tell UtahPolicy that while several seats were discussed, two at the top of the “worried” list are Reps. Johnny Anderson, R-Taylorsville/West Valley City, and Fred Cox, R-West Valley."

My race wasn't discussed this time during the House GOP caucus. I didn't bring it up and I don't remember anyone else doing so either.

After the caucus, there were several members or candidates that were asked to meet with two individuals that recommend campaign funding from the house republican PAC, including me. At this point, I do not expect any additional campaign funds coming from the PAC due to that meeting. The PAC had been generous already.

The District I am in, and the newly drawn House District 30 have been a swing district for many years. Take a look at the 2004 races for House District 32 and 29. About 80% of the new house district 30 is the current House District 32.

As someone that was not expected by some to win against Sherri Winder twenty months ago, I did, even if it was by one vote in the 2nd round. I had been optimistic of my chances anyway, and I am today. I beat a Winder in West Valley City. A very nice lady and the Mayor's mom.

Sherri had name recognition and respect, but many of the delegates picked me because they believed I would do a good job and I could win in 2012.

It was rumored at the time that a Rushton or other well known name would run in 2012 for the democrats and that Sherri Winder was the only one of the 4 candidates that could win the 2012 general election.

As it has turned out, I ended up with the part time job and Sherri Winder landed the full time job working for Rep. Jason Chaffetz office. She loved working there. I was shocked and sad when she died in an accident a little over a year ago.

This year, the last ballots will not be counted and released until about November 20th. While I hope to be enough ahead when the votes that are counted on November 6th are announced, I am willing to wait, just like the County Mayor's race did for the primary election.

During redistricting, I could have pushed for the recommendation that the new District 32 not have another incumbent but would include part of Kearns and West Jordan. I said at the time that I would rather have a district that made sense and run against another incumbent.

When I found out where Rep. Fisher lived and the proposed boundaries, I did push to move about 2000 people [shift the boundary lines] in the district so Rep. Fisher would not have to look across the street and out of the new district. I lost that suggestion.

I have worked with some amazing people and unexpected resources and I am optimistic for November 6th and November 20th. It only takes one vote and everyone counts.

Fred C. Cox
Member of the Utah House of Representatives District 32 and running to represent the newly drawn State House District 30

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