Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keep the lower sales tax on food

People that are working, but struggling to have enough money to pay bills often target a mortgage/rent, utilities, transportation and then food. When someone walks into a store with $3 left to buy food, you don't tell them it is OK they don't have enough money to buy milk or chicken, they will get $80 at the end of the year. Raising the tax on food increases the number of people needing help from the community, church or government and is the wrong thing to do.

I am hopeful this will not pass the house this year, like an increase in the food tax didn't pass the house in 2011 even though it passed the senate.

The proposal that passed the senate in 2011 and was killed in the house was to lower the overall sales tax and raise the tax on food to match. It was to be no overall increase on tax.

That still would have hit fixed income individuals and those struggling to make it in the current economy.