Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Salt Lake City Mega Theater

They are putting this on the wrong block. IF it is to be built, it should be on the same block as the Capitol Theater and closer to the Salt Palace Convention Center. The Convention Center "needs" more meeting room space. Hello?

I watched Les Miserables at a London theater smaller than what the Capitol Theater is. The Palace Theater holds 1400.

The Gershwin Theater in New York, one of the few "large" Broadway Theaters, that has Wicked playing, where I saw it, holds 1933. The Capitol Theater holds 1876.

OK, they aren't exactly the same shape and size, and I attended over 20 years of season opera at the Capitol Theater dealing with the tight legroom at row E upstairs. It is fine. .

Wicked has performed here and we don't need a larger theater.

How many bucks for the extra seats? There is a new theater opening up in West Valley. Not as big, but well used.