Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why my proposal should be considered today

When I can to my first state convention in 2002 as a delegate, I was glad my state house rep was there. I wouldn't have to run against him at a precinct meeting. He knew what was going on and knew enough about rules, etc. to be helpful. I didn't need someone to tell me who to vote for and he didn't. I came to the meeting having read all the proposals and knew which I would vote for and against. When Joe Cannon grouped all the ones he liked together and all the ones he didn't together, despite the fact that the 2nd bunch didn't work together, I was happy to have both bunches killed on the floor.

Over the years, a number of very smart people have argued why the current system can stay and used the state party constitution and bylaws to defend it. Others have argued why it is not allowed under those same documents. It is clearly that we don't agree what the documents say overall and attempts by both sides to clarify have failed.

This idea is very similar to what Thomas Wright proposed a year ago. I didn't like it then and wanted to create a loophole so counties still have the ability to send ex-officio delegates. This proposal has all 4000 state delegates elected precinct caucuses or at a caucus of delegates at the county convention for underfills. No delegates "off the top" and no other delegates. Yes, the limited voting representatives would be able to vote on some things.