Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why vote down the take over compromise at the convention

For a period spanning 2 years, I had the best floor attendance record for floor votes in the entire Utah legislature. I wanted to hear what Rep. King, Rep. Powell, Rep. Bird, and Rep. Noel were going to say. Even though I had read the bills in advance, discussing them could cause me to change my mind or figure out a better way, solving the concerns of many.

That is being proposed to be removed from the caucus meeting. We would be mailing in or dropping off votes, but not meeting and discussing candidates and issues. That is what is wrong with Washington DC. They don't listen to each other in a meeting. They watch from their offices. We need to change that not follow it.

I am not in favor of changing the 60% threshold  and changing to 2/3 will not get the Count My Vote / Buy My Vote people to back off, they also want:
 "AND if the caucus event is opened up so everyone can participate even if they cannot attend at a specific place at a specific time" . 
I say go watch WALL-E from Pixar again, the people on the spaceship.
 I like the idea of improving the caucus meeting so everyone that was not at the meeting can find out who represents them and who to contact. We can make the meetings so someone can come for two hours and vote.

We are talking neighborhood town halls. We aren't just meeting to elect delegates. I believe the
Count My Vote / Buy My Vote group would ruin that.
The current system does not protect the incumbent, wealthy or famous. Ie think that is a good thing.
 Keep Fair Elections in Utah.