Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Swallow in 200 words

I worked on a project for a year with John Swallow, Chief Deputy AG. I ignored the mud slinging during the primary. I knew both side's political consultants well enough to assume that they were behind it. I should have listened as I was blindsided Jan. 12th this year.

John's biggest critics since becoming AG on several issues are from Republicans. I was looking online for his conflict disclosure forms on Jan. 12th of this year. Not only his March 15th one, (I didn't find out about the March 9th until later) but also the one he had just signed Jan. 10th. I was more concerned with them and the lack of information re: P Solutions than the comments I heard on the tape from Johnson.

When two witnesses (one to get the money and one to pay it) and a tape accused Shurtleff of a $2M deal that involved Jenson, my focus moved to that. Jenson claimed Swallow knew about the $2M deal (Swallow says no). The $1M asset Swallow was to get looks bad.

Investigate. If he knew about the $2M, based on what Swallow hasn't done this year, (Shurtleff in Jail) Impeach. Malfeasance in Office.