Monday, November 25, 2013

Utah's Attorney General is NOT Utah's Top Cop

Utah's Attorney General is NOT Utah's Top Cop, and we don't want one that thinks they will be.

We are NOT nominating 3 candidates to the Governor to appoint to be "Utah's Top Cop". 

Utah's Top Cops are the UHP, the Sheriffs, the Police. The AG is to provide legal advice to the state and provide a balance to make sure we don't become a police state, but we do care about the victims as well.

Article VII, Section 16. [Duties of Attorney General.] "The Attorney General shall be the legal adviser of the State officers, except as otherwise provided by this Constitution, and shall perform such other duties as provided by law."

Other duties include:  

We don't need another Attorney General, like in 2011, pushed to further amend our 4th amendment rights. It was only 2 words, but it would have been a big deal.

After several people explained what he was up to the bill was repeatedly killed in committee, despite the fact that our current AG personally came to the Utah House Judicial Committee to speak for the bills passage.

Yes, the AG is to help enforce the law through the court system. They also defend Utah in the courts. The office was never supposed to be sheriff, prosecuting attorney, judge and jury, all rolled into one.