Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fred Cox for Utah House 30 Endorsements Update

The most important endorsements in this race 
are the voters in House District 30.

2014 Endorsements for Fred Cox, running for the Utah House of Representatives
(partial list, check back for updates)

Ron Bigelow,  former member of the Utah House of Representatives, 1995 through 2010

Gary R. Herbert, Governor of Utah
"I support former representative Fred Cox in his election for State House District 30. Fred is someone who has shown he will stand up for the principles of limited government and efficient use of taxpayer dollars."

Becky Lockhart, Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives
“Fred Cox is a man of courage. He stands up for what he believes is right for the people of his district.”

Wayne Niederhauser, Utah Senate President
Jonathan Johnson, Holladay, UT

Jim Bennett,  Bob Bennett 2010 U.S. Senate Campaign
"I met Fred Cox when he was helping other candidates running for office, including one running against my father. I found Fred to be hardworking and fair. While some in politics leave you feeling you don't want to see them again, Fred was willing to be my friend, even though we were helping candidates running against each other. When I found a national blog article that unfairly blamed my father for something another senator had done, and I found I couldn't immediately post a correction, I called Fred. Fred made sure that a correction was posted, even though that wouldn't help his candidate. We need civility in government and officials that care more about finding solutions for constituents than partisan bickering. With that, I endorse Fred Cox for State House of Representatives."

Cherilyn Eagar, Candidate U.S. Senate 2010, U.S. Congress 2012
Tim Bridgewater, Candidate U.S. Senate 2010

Bennion Spencer, Candidate for U.S. Congress 2008 "A Republican I could work with".

Dave Hansen, former Utah Republican State Party Chair

Steve Vincent, West Valley City, UT
Tom Huynh, West Valley City, UT

Phil Conder, West Valley City, UT
Jeffrey C. White, West Valley City, UT

Richard Snelgrove, Salt Lake County
, UT

Carbon Lundgren, West Valley City, UT

Kent and Carma Nay, West Valley City, UT
Skylar Burnside, West Valley City, UT
Michael A. Branan, West Valley City
, UT
Troy Council, West Valley City, UT
Robert Christensen, West Valley City, UT
Arnold Schaer, West Valley City, UT
David Beck, West Valley City, UT
William and Gretchen Blunt, West Valley City, UT

Nephi Robinson, Magna, UT

Kelly Allen, former PTSA Junior High School President, West Valley City, UT
Kathy Hall, West Valley City, UT

Helen H. Redd, Holladay, UT
James Humphreys, Weber County, UT
Sinama Meli, 2010, 2012 Candidate for Utah House of Representatives
Thomas W. Clay, 2013 Candidate for Utah Republican Party Secretary
The Salt Lake County Republican Assembly

National Federation of Independent Business, NFIB/Utah SAFE Trust

Utah State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police

National Rifle Association - Political Victory Fund, (NRA)