Saturday, March 28, 2015

That seven percent public education increase

The Governor started about $200 Million off, the $116 Million and the $93 Million requiring a law change he hadn't been able to get for years, and the Utah Legislature gets tossed under the buss?

The last minute attempt by the Some Democratic House Members to add $30 Million to a $4 Billion dollar public Ed budget one night and figure how to fund it the next day was drama.

So, they didn't get the $30 Million, and $60 Million was needed to go from 4% increase in WPU, the 2nd largest in 17 years, to 6.25%, a number the Governor came up with but had no real way to get there.

So instead of providing $60 Million more for the WPU, A GOP Senator ran a bill adding $75 Million via a property tax increase.

Public Ed went from $4 Billion to $4.3 Billion. A 7% increase overall.

PS, the $116 Million bump adjustment came from the non partisan Fiscal Analyst, not the GOP members of the Executive Appropriations.

Oh, and many industries in Utah are not back to 2008 pre-recession highs.
Some are not back to 2001 levels