Sunday, October 25, 2015

List of Legislators endorsing Jackie Biskupski for Mayor

For many legislators supporting Jackie, See this Op-Ed:

I didn't work with former Rep Becker as a Representative, but did as an architect. I have worked some with Mayor Becker as an architect and also a Representative. He has strengths and weaknesses like everyone.

In 2011, I worked with Rep. Jackie Biskupski on the House Judiciary Committee. When I needed help to kill a bill also sponsored by a Republican freshman, but which was really being run for our current Republican AG to further amend our 4th Amendment Rights I had sworn to defend, Rep. Biskupski was there. She helped this new conservative legislator kill the bill repeatedly in committee, despite a full court press by our AG. She won my thanks and my respect. She didn't stop there. She helped me many times that year. Any contact or help I have needed since, she has treated me with respect and help, even when we didn't agree.

While not on the above list, add Rep. Fred C. Cox as someone that supports Jackie for Mayor for Salt Lake City. She is deliberate but fair and she will make a great Mayor. 

Rep. Fred C. Cox, former and current member of the Utah House of Representatives.