Monday, February 15, 2016

Utah House of Representatives Week Three Update

Week Three
Reminder: Finial Session Town Hall
Hunter Library Meeting Room, 4740 West 4100 South
Sat., February 20, 2016, 1:00-2:30 p.m.

 Bills that I am running for 2016

My Bills on the move

HB0069 Qualified Political Party Amendments - Passed House Gov. Ops, 3rd Reading Calendar  Circled. Pending possible substitute. Will likely be voted on Tuesday Afternoon.
Senate Sponsor. Sen. Scott Jenkins

HB0152 S01 Voted and Board Local Levy Modifications - Passed House Rev. Circled. 3rd Reading Calendar. Bill language was added to HB 1, the main funding bill for Public Education. HB 1 could be signed by the Governor this week, if so, HB 152 would no longer be needed.
Senate Sponsor. Sen. Lyle Hillyard

HB0080 Vehicle Impound Amendments Passed House Transportation. 3rd Reading Calendar
Senate Sponsor. Sen. Mark Madsen

HB0101 Disabled Adult Guardianship Amendments - Passed House Education Committee.  3rd Reading Calendar. Senate Sponsor. Sen. Lyle Hillyard

HB0065 Exemption from Daylight Saving Time - In House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee. Was put on the agenda, but I was not able to present it because I was presenting HB 101 at the same time. Waiting for another turn on committee agenda.

HB0011 Referendum Amendments - Passed Interim Committee. Passed House Gov. Ops and was voted down twice on the 3rd reading calendar. Likely dead for the session. Bill was substituted, failed on the floor and then brought back and substituted before failing to pass again.
Sponsor: Sen. Luz Escamilla

HB0121 Building Code Amendments. A competing bill is moving HB0316. HB0121 was transferred to Rep. Edwards to gain another ally for a second path. HB 121 was offered as a substitute for HB 316.

My Bills still in House Rules
HB0108 Licensing Amendments
HB0109 Construction Trades Education Amendments. working with 3 alternate bills.
HB0125 Fire Code Amendments. working with one alternate bill.
HB0256 Net Metering of Electricity Amendments
HB0261 Wood Burning Stoves Amendments  
HB0269 Recycling of Copper Wire

My Other Bills
Specie Legal Tender Amendments - drafted, waiting to be numbered

Air Quality Modifications - off of Hold, Alternate Water Heater Ultra Low Nox bill.

Interior Design Certification Amendments - on Hold, pending status of other bill
Prison Study for Draper - Abandoned

Quick explanation of bills on the move

HB0011 Referendum Amendments
allows those running a referendum to wait and see if the Governor is going to sign or veto the bill.

HB0069 Qualified Political Party Amendments
clarifies the requirements of alternate delegates for political parties to avoid twice the number of delegates coming to the convention or a candidate not knowing which delegates are going to convention.

 HB0152 Voted and Board Local Levy Modifications
allows the State School Board to pay out to the districts the remaining $25 Million of the $75 Million collected from property taxes to help equalize school funding. $25 Million is an expensive table decoration. The money should either go where it was promised or go back to the taxpayers. (Disclaimer, I voted against the $75 Million property tax increase)

HB0080 Vehicle Impound Amendments
puts the "may" vs "shall" back into impounding cars that do not show up in the insurance data base.

HB0065 Exemption from Daylight Saving Time
opts out of Daylight Savings Time. In 2017, Utah would stay on Mountain Standard Time, (like Arizona)

 HB0101 Disabled Adult Guardianship Amendments
allows a judge to review and decide a guardianship case without a parent or parents hiring an attorney for their disabled adult, in some instances.