Saturday, May 21, 2016

Why vote for Jonathan Johnson for Utah Governor

I recently wrote that Governor Gary Herbert nice guy that has been in office too long. When is too long?

It varies. I was just fine with Ron Bigelow who was my Utah House Rep. for 16 years and supported him when he ran for 2 more. I didn't always agree with him, but he would listen, and I knew he worked hard and cared what I thought.

When I first met then Rep. Chris Cannon, I immediately thought he had been in Washington D.C. too long. He was only in office 6 years at the time. It took another 6 years before we replaced him with Jason Chaffetz.

Being in office too long is an attitude followed by actions. Sometimes it is too much pride. Sometimes it is winning at all costs. Sometimes it is the idea that the official thinks they know it all. The last one is hard to tell without talking to the person themselves. You can't learn that from others. I have spent many hours reading bills and one of the reasons I have had one of the best attendance records in the legislature is I know that I don't know it all. I want to hear why others agree or disagree with my initial take on a proposed bill or issue. After hearing arguments on both sides, I may decide I was wrong.

Have I voted for an incumbent that I have felt is in office too long? Yes, I have. I have to believe the person I am voting to replace them will be able to do the job and is a good choice, otherwise, why vote out someone that is doing the job?

So why is Jonathan Johnson a person that can do the job and is a good choice?

I have spent many years working with our Governor and only a couple of years being around Jonathan Johnson. I have been to Jonathan Johnson's home, many of his campaign events, and even to events where both Jonathan and our current Governor have spoken on the issues.

Jonathan Johnson is willing to learn. He is willing to hear both sides of an issues and try to find a win-win solution. He is willing to change his mind if the arguments are good enough, but has the backbone to stay firm when he still feels strongly on principle about an issue or action.

Do I agree with Jonathan Johnson 100%? No. Do I agree with Gary Herbert 100%? No.

I do agree with Jonathan Johnson most of the time. I strongly agree with him on several key issues. One is Utah getting away from the Federal feeding trough with the strings that come with the Federal money. We should decrease and not increase the Feds or the State controlling our lives.

Here are a few other items to consider.

Remember to vote for Jonathan Johnson for Governor. The Primary Election ends June 28th.