Friday, September 23, 2016

Pick One

During the last almost 8 years of President Obama, I have felt like he has ignored, at best, our US Constitution. I have been glad that for a few of those times, the SCOTUS told him he couldn't do something. I really don't expect anything better out of Hillary for the next 4 years, re: the Constitution. I also believe her to be totally corrupt.

While I don't agree with many things Trump has said over the last year or more, my biggest fear is that he wants to be even more of a dictator, a Putin, from going after families of terrorists to telling us only he could save us, to running with a stop-and-frisk program. He has given no indication that he has even read the US Constitution or that he would follow it if he has. 

Today, from his campaign, Trump has added Mike Lee to his list of SCOTUS nominees. I truly don't believe Trump will pick anyone that would limit his power, unless he absolutely had to, to win.

I have looked strongly at Johnson/Weld, Castle/Bradley and also McMullin. None of those have the same level of concern for me than Hillary/Trump do. For any of those others to win Utah, it appears we need some pretty strong endorsements as they appear to be splitting the #NoHillary #NoTrump vote.

Do we have anyone with the clout to move the needle in the next 2 weeks that is going to pick one of these?