Thursday, November 10, 2016

Voting my conscience and hoping Trump follows the Constitution and does well

I have been amazed at the attitude by some that I did what I always do, vote for the best people running. 

Normally I get to the bottom of the ballot and had voted for all R's, but sometimes a D. This was the first year I had to go for write-ins, unaffiliated candidates, and 3rd party as well as D's to fill up my ballot. 

Yes, the majority of my votes were for Republicans, but I was not impressed with some of the options. 

What amazes me the most, was several of my friends "verbally" beat me up for voting my conscience. It is what we are supposed to do. 

I voted for or against thousands of bills for 4 legislative sessions. I didn't vote yes or no because of the sponsor. 

I believe the GOP can recover, Replace the RNC chair with Carly Fiorina or someone else, and I do believe we can get rid of the attitude that the party can take away your agency. I have not given up yet. 

I didn't vote for or support the candidate Donald Trump, but I do hope he follows the US Constitution and ends up being a good POTUS, for the Country's sake.