Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Is it OK if the Governor games the system

 Is it OK if the Governor games the system?
The Governor would not call a special session that was requested by both state houses and political parties because he didn't want someone to game the system so the Governor created the system that caused a GOP primary. The Legislature, under the US Constitution, was supposed to set the overall rules, but he would not let them do it. Now the Governor endorses someone that lost at convention and wouldn't still be in the running if the Governor hadn't set up this system.

Isn't that gaming the system?

Remember that hundreds of thousands of voters came out to the 2016 caucus meetings including democrats. They elected the tens of thousands of delegates. Democrats picked their nominee using the delegate system. They have no primary. We get a couple of Buy My Ballot Spot candidates that could have just as easily gone straight to the general election if they didn't want to go though the caucus/convention system. That is costing us 3 months more not having 4 representatives in Congress. We could be voting among all candidates in August.

It is the people's choice of who to fill the vacancy for the 3rd Congressional District as stated in the US Constitution. The Governor doesn't get to appoint this particular vacancy so now he is endorsing?