Monday, August 14, 2017

I have NOT endorsed Julie Dole for County Recorder. She isn't the Recorder Now. She wasn't legally appointed.

I have NOT endorsed Julie Dole for County Recorder. Since there is a new post with my photo with a 2011 endorsement for Julie Dole for SLCo Gop Chair being posted on the web, by Julie, I should clarify. If you read it carefully, it asks what is changed. Initially I just thought it to be a very public way of pointing out I have NOT endorsed her for SLCo Recorder for Thursday to fill the vacancy caused when Gary Ott stepped down.

If you don't read it clearly, some have assumed to be a current endorsement, which is NOT true. I have now seen perhaps Nineteen of these for different people, some of which are active candidates for the office. As far as I know, None of these has endorsed her for the current race. It is possible this is a violation of state law 76-9-407.

I have also posted this reply: [Julie] I do believe you have worked very hard for the last 4 years, (thank you) but we are looking to replace Gary Ott. You have made sure Gary was able to win in 2014 and stay in office for this long despite his current limitations.

It appears you have assumed the office of Salt Lake County Recorder the last couple of weeks without an appointment contrary to 20A-1-508 and 17-16-7 and apparent violation of 76-8-203. I do believe you can run the office [as deputy] until the council appoints the party nominee, most likely on the 22nd.

I don't know who will be nominated to be our party nominee on Thursday. We are taking nominees from the floor, so it could be almost anyone.

I did say this: Mel Nimer is someone I trust that has the knowledge, experience and ideas to tackle the current problems with the Salt Lake Recorder's office, and make it work for everyone and not just title companies. There are great people in the office that have worked hard for many years. I believe Mel will solve the recent lack of computer coordination with the surveyor's and assessor's offices.

When the Salt Lake County Sheriff stepped down, it was announced Undersheriff Scott Carver would be acting Sheriff. He didn't assume the office of sherriff, but correctly stated

" In the absence of the sheriff, the undersheriff has full authority to act as the sheriff for operational and administrative purposes. He, along with the many very experienced and highly qualified supervisory staff, and the even more important line staff, will ensure that the mission of the Sheriff’s Office and the Unified Police Department is carried out in the most effective and professional way. We will continue to serve the citizens of this county with unwavering commitment and without interruption of service in any way."

"Once the Salt Lake County Council notifies the Utah Democratic Party of the vacancy, they will begin the process of filling the position. This process should be completed within 45-60 days."

If the DA thought they would get this with Julie Dole, Chief Deputy, acting as Recorder, they were wrong. It appears she illegally assumed the office she hasn't been appointed to.

She now is implying endorsements for County Recorder that are 6 years old for a different office, asking what has changed. She has. The public was deceived in 2014 apparently by Julie to get Gary Ott elected. She got the money and now has assumed the office. Since no one seems to be willing to endorse her she is now implying fake ones as well.