Friday, January 17, 2020

UT 2019 Tax Referendum response to the Sutherland Institute

There is no Tax Hike in what we are doing. Signing a Referendum doesn’t create a new law, or new tax, or new anything. It just puts the bill on hold until the voters decide it’s fate in the fall.

Major Problems with 2019 SB 2001:
First, if you raise the cost of vehicle fuel, by increasing the state fuel tax by 35%, a family driving around town has less money to go to the store to buy food. These added fuel costs will drive up the cost of goods at the register as well. 

Second, raising the cost of food by raising the sales tax on food by a 177% Utah tax increase, means the family has less money to buy food. The State paying this family back later, doesn’t help. Why should a family making it without the government be pushed into requiring help? 

Third, by reducing the amount of money going to public and secondary education by $680 Million, while promising public education will not be hurt, means they are either going to change the Utah Constitution or the legislature is going to make sure our property taxes go up, either directly such as 2015 SB 97   and 2018 HB 293 or indirectly by making the local school boards raise our property tax and those boards getting the blame.  

Fourth, the bill sets up changing the funding of roads by removing the constitutional required funding from transportation related taxes, including sales tax, and replacing it with highway user fees and a road usage charge program. 

Fifth, Adding to the increase of services with sales tax, which can drive service type businesses out of the state.
Not only is raising taxes on food wrong, raising fuel prices bad, taking money from education questionable, the whole idea of moving all sales tax money away from roads, as stated above is wrong.

So why do they think we are distorting what the new tax bill says? 

What are we saying? 

We are telling people to read the bill, from the legislature’s website, read the legislature’s own summary/explanation of the bill and the official fiscal note of the bill.  

For some light reading, don’t miss the $1/2 Billion Higher Education Funding Shell Game found in the bill, Starting at lines 6579. 

I really don’t want to see Part 2 and Part 3 of this Tax Reformation. Let’s Stop the madness Now!!  Sign the Referendum.