Saturday, March 28, 2020

Questions and Answers from Email

Subject: A few questions for you

1. What do you think are some of the biggest issues facing Salt Lake County currently?
2. Do you support continuing efforts to repeal the law allowing signatures?  Would you fight for caucus only or would you accept the current system as is?
3. How will you support local cities?  In what ways could communication between cities and the county be improved?
4. What should be done with Unified Police and Fire?  Should that continue to be on the county level or should that be disbanded in favor of more local institutions?
5. What will you do to keep an ear open to the people and make sure they know how to communicate with you?
1. growth, taxes, transportation, water, air, crime

2. Yes. I have been heavily involved in fighting against 2014 SB 54. I was one of just a few that spoke in the committee against it. I was not in the legislature in 2014, but in 2015 I ran a bill to put it on hold. 

I was part of a group that was fighting count my vote the first time and again the 2nd time. I also wrote 3 op-eds on this.

3. I was the only person that was a candidate and there were no county council members that even came to the recent town hall meetings at the metro Copperton and Kearns. Not only does there need to be better listening with more public town halls, we need better communication to the cities and towns by going to them.

4. I was not a fan of United Police and Fire. If I could have it go away, I would. It may not be possible with the current situation. I will look further. 

5. I had Regular public town halls. Not just 3 a year during the legislative session. I sent invites to all active voters. I plan to do that again with the larger area.