Thursday, July 7, 2011


Out of the 3 choices I was considering, Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney, I believe Mitt is the closest to being ready.

Granted, Mitt has made mistakes and changed his mind on issues, but I haven't found too many that haven't.

Why did Rep. Chaffetz endorse Mitt? Well he said why, and that answer is in several papers.

One likely reason is he was asked, as was I. You are left with the choice, yes, no, or not yet. I didn't answer yes just because his campaign called me several times, or Josh Romney calling me more than once, I said yes after meeting Mitt more than once and listening him to him on more than one occasion.

I said yes after asking a lot of people about Michele, including those working with her. I didn't have to ask people about Jon, as I have known the family since I was a teenager. Jon went to my high school and his wife moved into my class. I have watched him most of my life. He has strengths, but I am not in his fan club at this time. If it was his father running, he would have my vote.

So, Rep. Chaffetz picked Mitt, fine. So has Sen. Hatch and Sen Dan Liljenquist, as well, so are you not going to vote for any of the 3 because of that?