Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Healthy Utah vs Utah Cares

Do we want to take a step that we can see what will happen or do we step off a cliff and not know if there is something there? I would rather do something than nothing, unfortunately the Governor and Senate have not agreed in the past.

Healthy Utah doesn't just cover the gap, as that ends at 100% of poverty level and it goes to 138%. We already have 140,000 Utahns being covered by the subsidy now, those between 100% and 400%. Not all below 100% are in the "gap". If the US Supreme Court rules against the subsidy for federal exchanges, then what? We can't under the ACA just try medicaid expansion for two years. Healthy Utah is a pilot without a parachute. Do we really want to cover people and then, in 2 years say, sorry, we were just kidding? The House does have a plan that would be sustainable, even though it isn't less money. Utah Cares isn't just a name..

The House wasn't using PCN over 100% for Utah Cares. Utah Cares leaves the already existing subsidy over 100%. Approx 140,000 Utahns are using that subsidy now. PCN was only used for part of the coverage gap which ends at 100%. Much of that gap proposed using the 30% v 70% state/fed split that is more likely to remain and doesn't require Utah to cover a large % of those that are already covered.

The 100% line is real and that the Feds won't let Healthy Utah work without crossing it which is one of the deal breakers for the House.
No idea as to what Healthy Utah will really cost is a big problem. A capped funding formula isn't a gap, it is called a budget.

What bill passed the House?