Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rep Fred Cox voting ratings for 2016

This page will be updated as 2016 Session Ratings/Rankings are released by different groups.

My 2016 Votes for the General Session are at: 

Note. A few committee votes were missed because I was presenting in a different committee at the same time. The two House Floor votes missed this session were due to a problem with the voting system registering that I pushed the button to vote.  I should have noticed it hadn't registered, and the Speaker and Clerk also typically notice as well. That is being worked on.

Also, see the votes for all versions of a bill. I may vote for or against a bill, but that vote can change for different votes on the same bill, especially if the bill language changed.

Tied for 2nd Place for 2016 in the Legislature for least missed floor votes.
Floor Voting Attendance 2 missed of 657 votes.
Tied for 5th Place for least missed votes for currently serving legislator for all years since 2007.

2016 Utah Taxpayers Association, 100% rating, tied for 1st place

2016 Salt Lake Chamber Business Champion, 89% rating

Libertas 2016 Defenders of Liberty Award, 94% rating.

Note, my Libertas score has varied year by year depending on the bills they select. While I am conservative, I am not a libertarian, but I do typically score high for taking in to account the US and Utah Constitutions when voting on legislation. I was surprised at this years score.

2016 Sutherland Institute Legislative Scorecard, 94% rating.

Utah School Board Association, 75% rating
12 of 16 votes matching USBA stand on several bills.

UACC, 62% rating, tied for 12th of 75

UEA, 50% rating,

 2016 Utah CLI Index 70% rating.

2016 Utah Grassroots, 57%, tied for 11th of 75, (Average House 36%)

Heal Utah, 92%, A- rating

Utah Chapter, Sierra Club, 50% rating

Number of No Votes on the Floor 61 votes or 9.3%  #19 in the House (2016)

Party Line Voting 70% (2016)

For 2015 Session Ratings/Rankings and votes for previous years, see: