Thursday, March 31, 2016

Responses to a few questions

I received the following questions from one of the delegates representing her precinct. 

1. Do you have a website that you would like the people in my precinct to look at?  
and my blog
See also:

2.Can you give me three reasons why our precinct should give you our vote?    

1. Courage. I read though the bills I am to vote on and I am am not afraid to stand up and be heard to promote good bills and work to amend or kill bad bills.

2. Accessible. I have multiple public town hall meetings each year where voters of any party affiliation are invited to come and ask questions. I am also available on multiple social media sites and make public my home phone number, the phone number I have had for 28 years for people to call. The surveys and town hall invitations I sent out this year went to every active voter home.

3. Taxpayer protector. Working to fund critical needs without forgetting who pays for it. For example I was willing to fight to save over $100 Million on the Draper Prison, even with strong opposition from leadership of both houses, including the state senators in our area.

3.What do you view as your biggest accomplishment while in office so far?

Passing bills into law that were requested by the people in this area, including

2011 Classic Car Inspections along with 2015 HB 243Vintage Vehicle Amendments 
2012 HB18 Kidnapping Offender Amendments
2015 HB 177 Modifications to Voting Law
2016 HB 101 Disabled Adult Guardianship Amendments

4.What are the two biggest items you will focus on if elected over the next two years?   

1. The Higher Education vs Public Education funding. Today's article about tuition increases.
My response:
"I am not happy with the tuition increase. The #utleg put money in the WPU for K-12 teachers (my idea) that the board of regents wanted, and they raise tuition to send a message like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum. Their overall budget requests for ongoing money were not reasonable and the salaries for some of the U's professors are too high. The percentage of tuition waivers are too high and that is also a problem."
I have already been in contact with others on the Higher Education Appropriation Subcommittee to see what we can do to not only stop the tuition hikes without legislative oversight, but to provide a better balance of funding to Public Education. 

2. I am also on the House Judiciary, always working to protect our rights and from Government trying to take over our lives. 

5.What is the the two biggest problems you see West Valley currently facing and what is your plan to fix them? 

Most West Valley City local problems can and should be solved by the City and Not the State.
Funding for Infrastructure, (like Major Roads and Water), and Funding for Education are things the State can and should help West Valley City with.