Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Chris Herrod is the best candidate for Utah Congressional District 3

I wore Chris Herrod and Deidre Henderson stickers at the special Congressional District 3 GOP Convention and so I was thrilled one of them won.

Chris Herrod supported Ted Crus for POTUS. He supports limiting Federal over reach and protecting our freedoms. He believes in the US Constitution and would support that over whoever is President of the US. He married someone from Ukraine and is not a fan of Russia as he lived under Soviet rule for a few years. He has been pro-legal immigration for years. His wife's family came from Muslim upbringing and he isn't prejudiced. I have a few friends that voted for Trump only because Hillary was such a bad candidate. I didn't vote for either. 

Chris Herrod is the best candidate running for Utah's Congressional District 3 "vacancy". I served with Chris in the Utah Legislature in 2011 and 2012. He cares deeply for this county. He has my full support and endorsement.

Remember that hundreds of thousands of voters came out to the 2016 caucus meetings including democrats. They elected the tens of thousands of delegates. Democrats picked their nominee using the delegate system. They have no primary. We get a couple of Buy My Ballot Spot candidates that could have just as easily gone straight to the general election if they didn't want to go though the caucus/convention system. That is costing us 3 months more not having 4 representatives in Congress. We could be voting among all candidates in August.

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