Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Do Not Sign Our Schools Now

Do you support Our Schools Now?
No, What was originally a 20% income tax increase, and then reduced to 17.5%, is now a 10% income tax increase and a 10.6% sales tax increase.[update, they are now saying it is only a 9% income tax increase and a 9.6% sales tax increase]
 A  tax increase is not the answer, especially when there is no limit generally to what is spent on Higher Education which can be spent by the same Education Fund. While OSN places new limits for new money, it doesn't solve the underlying problem.

If the Legislature doesn't fund Higher Education to the level the Regents want, (and put some more back for K-12 Public Education), the Regents simply raise tuition and blame the legislature. That must change.  

We also do not spend all the $4.84 Billion K-12 Public Education funds in the best way, with too much of it not getting directly to classroom teaching. 

Read what the proposed bill says. How much local control do you want taken from a school? See the bottom of page 6.

See how much of our State Tax Money for K-12 Public Education is going where:


click on the uses and also see where it comes from.

Take a look at the $1.81 Higher Education Budget as well.

The proposed amended initiative has this at the bottom
Persons gathering signatures for the petition may be paid for doing so.

This initiative petition seeks to (a) increase the current state sales tax rate by .45 percent, resulting in a 9.6 percent increase in the current state sales tax rate, and (b) increase the current income tax rate by .45 percent, resulting in a 9 percent increase in the current tax rate.