Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Leadership races

 The Utah House and Senate Leadership races is an important vote. It is a mistake again, to have the vote so close to election day and not later as the votes will not all be counted for the legislature. In 2010 I was not a member when the vote took place. In 2012, I did not know by the time of the leadership vote if I won or not so I was not able to vote. In 2014, when I did win, I again did not know yet and was not allowed to vote. The Democrats have delayed their vote in the past for this reason. Hopefully, enough people will turn their ballots in now so on election night there will be a better view of likely house and senate members. The final vote isn't until the start of the session but by then, traditionally the races are done and everyone votes for the leadership of both parties as was chosen in November. I believe the leadership vote should be delayed 2 weeks. Perhaps if it appears the current speaker has lost or could lose on election night, I will get my wish.

Leadership races for the state House and Senate should be at least 2 or 3 weeks after election day so those that are voting are decided by the voters.