Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Utah GOP ad Oct 27

 from my friend Judy

"I have tried to keep politics off of JUDY’S CORNER except to copy something that someone needed from the 2019 Tax Referendum page but I have to repost this because of the unethical flyer sent out by the Utah State Republican Party in retaliation to a flyer sent out to several select areas by the Democratic State Party. This flyer unlike the Democratic one is absolutely a lie and FALSE!

Please read and tell your friends that this is flyer is unprofessional and deceitful.



It has just come to my attention that several Democrats that not only voted against SB2001 but helped to get signatures to repeal have had a mailer sent out by the Republican party saying they didn’t try to stop the tax on food! 

Remember all Democrats voted AGAINST SB2001. 

Please if you are in Representative Suzanne Harrison, Represenative Elizabeth Weight, Carol Spackman Moss, Representative Brian King, Rep Joel K Briscoe or Represenative Karen Kwan’s area tell your neighbors it is rubbish! You can even have them call me and I can tell them the truth! 

I just addressed an issue that said the Democrats were unethical because a news article questioning the integrity of a Republican that was based on fact which caused a stir. That article was based on fact, the flyer sent out against these individuals is not! 

Shame on those who sent out the flyer! Let’s hope that all that participate in these shenanigans down in defeat!!!

Last week it was the Democratic Party that tried to tell voters in special areas that specific Republicans voted for SB2001 when they didn’t. 

This type of campaign strategy does not work in Utah!

I DETEST Dirty Politics!

One week left....stay tuned!"