Sunday, October 16, 2011

6 Utah Congressional Map Comparison

I am hoping this would be helpful comparing 6 maps being discussed. I would hope it can be passed out in the public caucus meeting. The data comes from the public redistricting software on the public side. It is population numbers.

The chart is designed for 11x17 black and white.

The Garber/King map numbers are confusing because they are calling the east part of Salt Lake County district 3, the south part of the state including Alpine and much of Utah county 4, and the west part of Salt Lake Valley district 2. That is also for the 12th Substitute map online. I have not been able to confirm that it has been "corrected" as not all the bill information for Substitute 12 is online.

The population data is generated by the public software and I have compiled the 6 maps into one file. The totals are just text.

For those complaining about not having enough people in the 2nd congressional district from Davis County (to give them a voice), this gives a comparison, again taking to account 2 and 4 are swapped for the Garber King map. The spreadsheet shows the files actual numbering. It would be easier to compare if the district numbers for Garber King map were changed.

Davis County 2nd district
SB 3002 57,432
Sumsion 15 57,432
Sumsion 16 57,432
McAdamsCox 69,623
FroererAdams 109,686

GarberKing None if you compare apples to apples.
21,108 goes to the west part of Salt Lake Valley district.

The maps are at:

For a list of Congressional maps I have been involved in see: