Sunday, October 23, 2011

Print Media articles about Representative Fred Cox

Print Media:

Combining House Districts 29 and 32 for 2012 elections:


I still say the hat and 3 stripes map would have left the 2nd district a coin toss as far as the map went. It is up to the voters to decide.

It was not designed to protect Rep. Matheson's seat. It isn't his "seat" anyway.

It was designed to divide the state in 4 down to the last person keeping as many cities and counties together as possible.

It didn't have the votes. Even the bipartisan version, which was the only bipartisan sponsored Utah Congressional map. Any map had to pass both houses and only one map pulled that off after weeks, if not months.

The map that did pass both houses with a 2/3 vote each, other that a little balancing in Kaysville, Kearns and Millcreek, the other cities that were split are along main roads, and almost always major roads like I-15.

I like this complement from:
David Edward Garber Thank you, Representative Cox, for your diligent efforts on this task, not only in creating and promoting your own good proposal, but in improving everyone else's, as well. Facebook October 18 at 10:38am

Selected and appointed to fill the term of Ron Bigelow:

Protecting Utah Lands:

The state answer to immigration: