Sunday, October 9, 2011

Utah Redistricting - Congress

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I have been asked what congressional map proposals do I have out there and why?

I had one of the 1st maps submitted to the redistricting committee with the new software, and in fact it was a map I started last November and December in 2010. It was presented in a public hearing in June and selected as one of the top 6 maps by the committee in September.

The stated motive for drawing the "Hat and 3 Stripes" map was to have equal US Census population and keep as many counties and cities together as possible. (Not splitting them).

The map was NOT designed to balance republican or democrat ratios. The redistricting map software doesn't provide that information, nor was that my goal. I didn't want a map to decide who won the elections. That should be up to the voters.

Versions of that map is on the Redistricting website, include:

On Tuesday, October 4th, when it became obvious that we didn't have agreement on a map, I "pulled a bill file" for this map which is:
with the map at:

I have two public variations of this "hat and 3 stripes" map at:

One that splits Utah County as all the maps that didn't had disappeared off the radar

One that puts more of Southern Utah together.

The end of September, when the redistricting committee picked a map, I created this minor modification after working with some from Utah County.

After the last redistricting meeting where it appeared that the map the senate passed may be the only option the senate would agree to, which is based on the Sumsion 6 modified A

I pulled this map as a bill file:

The bill is at:

Speaker Lockhart has proposed a modification of the Sumsion 6 modified A. This has some of the same modifications I made of the senate passed map for her proposed map.

I recently found this map submitted by the public that I was impressed with. It only divided one county of the state.

My modifications of it to reduce the number of cities split:

At this time, the two most likely maps, If I do nothing are:

I am currently working on a map with Sen. Ben McAdams.

I hope to have one that is the best ready for release by Oct. 14th and available for public hearing on Oct. 17th if the map is very different from one that has had a public hearing.

For some real facts on Utah's Redistricting from our Lt. Governor