Monday, March 26, 2012

Clarification regarding contacting the LDS Church last year

Comments re: an article at:

The Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, didn't send anything directly to lawmakers on 2011 HB 116 until April of last year linking to their April immigration statement, after the session and after the vote. (That I am aware of)

Similarly, Rep. Fred Cox, R-West Valley City, says he tried to contact LDS leaders after the session to clarify where the church stood on the same bill. "They wouldn’t return my emails or phone calls but did eventually send out an updated statement that did help some with civility on immigration."

[Initially the article didn't clarify that the exchange didn't happen until after the session and after the votes]

The April statement on immigration:

The June statement on immigration:

I don't make decisions on bills based on the party of the sponsor, nor their religion.

A great statement from the "Church" on politics:

Elected officials who are Latter-day Saints make their own decisions and may not necessarily be in agreement with one another or even with a publicly stated Church position. While the Church may communicate its views to them, as it may to any other elected official, it recognizes that these officials still must make their own choices based on their best judgment and with consideration of the constituencies whom they were elected to represent."