Friday, March 23, 2012


Economy, Fiscal Responsibility, Energy Independence, Education Excellence

We need more consensus building and less compromise. If we focus on what we agree on, we can accomplish the most good.
We may not agree with each other on all issues.

Utah is the best fiscally managed state. Utah repeats this year as Forbes Best State for Business and Careers. We need to continue to improve. The Economy will grow when Government will allow it. In many cases Government is holding business growth back through too many regulations.

Fiscal Responsibility
With the currently available resources, Utah does not have enough money for the demands for Public Education, Transportation, Water, Public Safety, Energy and others. Raising Taxes isn't the answer as that can create bigger government and slower economic growth.

Energy Independence
Utah has many resources that we are not using, but we still export energy. Working to solve key questions will help:

How much oil and gas is untapped in Utah and can we get it without hurting our state treasures? Do we have existing dams that we could add hydro power to, without putting more land underwater, hurting our rivers and/or wildlife? What percentage of the energy we make should be exported? How close to a balance can we get?

It has been pointed out that renewable energy will help the state's economy in places that coal, or gas won't. Renewable energy being added to the mix will increase the life of the Utah coal economy. See also:

Education Excellence
Education can, will, and must improve, but spending more money isn't always the answer.

As a taxpayer, I see the money spent on Buildings and will continue to advocate an improved balance between cost savings and quality to the process. I would hope we can reduce costs while still maintaining the quality and also increase the value and number or size of projects.

Teachers often do not have the supplies they need, and in most cases deserve more pay for the critical work they do. One of the reasons I am sponsoring the Utah Land Protection Act is to provide more resources for Public Education.

For Questions and Answers on a 2012 Education Questionnaire, see:

We should play a role as responsible citizens in our communities, including becoming informed about issues and voting in elections.

We should engage in the political process in an informed and civil manner, respecting the fact that others come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and may have differences of opinion in partisan political matters.

I have no problem working with both parties. All four bills that I sponsored that passed the House in 2011 and 2012 were floor sponsored by a democrat senator.

I was the only member of the Legislature that sponsored a bipartisan congressional redistricting map, co-sponsored by a member of another party. I don't look at bills as republican or democrat sponsored. I vote on bills based on what the bill says and would do, and I have spoken against bills and spoken for bills based on the bill and not the sponsor or party.