Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear Friends and Neighbors

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Over a year ago, my friend, State House District 32 Representative Ron Bigelow accepted the invitation from Governor Herbert to be the State Budget Director. I was honored to run and was selected to be the nominee and then was appointed by the Governor to fill Rep. Bigelow’s term. I have been honored to represent State House District 32 for 2011 and will continue to work hard doing so for 2012. I just completed my second General Legislative Session.

For 2013, a new House District 30 will represent much of this area, and during the 2012 Neighborhood Caucus Elections, Conventions, Primary and General Elections you will determine who will represent this new District 30 beginning in 2013. The New District 30 includes most of 32, part of 29 and some of 33. Help determine who is on the ballot for State House, Governor, US Senate, US Congress, County Mayor and more.

I would really appreciate it if you come to the Republican Neighborhood Caucus and support those running to be a county delegate who would be open minded, willing to research the candidates, and would truthfully consider voting for me at the County GOP Convention on April 14th.

The New State House District 30, Republican Neighborhood Caucus March 15, 2012, starts at 7pm, arrive as close to 6:15pm as you can.
The District has been split in two. Expect one classroom per precinct.

Whittier Elementary School, 3585 S 6000 W, WVC, UT 84128
(New Precincts at this location: WVC005, WVC010, WVC012, WVC013, WVC014, WVC017, WVC018, WVC019, WVC024, WVC025, WVC026, WVC027) These are Precincts North of 4100 South Street.

Carl Sandburg Elementary, 3900 S 5325 W, WVC, UT 84120
(New Precincts at this location: WVC052, WVC053, WVC057, WVC058, WVC059, WVC060, WVC061, WVC062, WVC063) These are Precincts South of 4100 South Street.

New 2012 Elections Utah State House 30 District Map

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Fred C. Cox, Representing State House District 32 and running to represent the new District 30


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