Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 SB 208 Multi-state Health Care Compact

Another bill that changed my 2012 General Session ratings was my concern and vote against 2012 SB 208, which is a Multi-state Health Care Compact.


My concern is Utah ending up with something like Massachusetts healthcare, or at least doing the same things in healthcare we criticize the federal government for doing.

Several conservative ratings groups promoted the bill as a way for Utah to take control of healthcare away from the federal government.

Rep. James A. Dunnigan who specializes in insurance and has been a key member of the house working to minimize the impact of a potential "Obamacare" also voted against the bill.

The new law and potential compact requires congressional approval, and sunsets in 2014. The budget listed in the law for Utah is $4 Billion.

My 2012 Ratings: