Sunday, May 20, 2012

Data Breach

From the Salt Lake Tribune:
Utah lawmakers grill new IT chief on Medicaid breach

VanOrden’s remarks were the first detailed explanation given by technology officials since the breach.

But it failed to fully satisfy lawmakers who wonder if management failures don’t reach deeper than VanOrden’s predecessor, Stephen Fletcher, who was asked to resign in the wake of security failure.

"I heard that 12 IT staff have left that department due to management issues," said Rep. Fred Cox, R-West Valley City. "If that’s true, it seems to me one of the biggest problems may be IT management, not the technicians."

VanOrden said he’ll delve into management issues. "Corrective action" is being taken with two employees, and a third employee at fault, a contract worker, is no longer with the state, he said. There have been no terminations.

From the Deseret News:

" Rep. Fred Cox, R-West Valley City, questioned management issues within the department, as he had heard of a high turnover rate there in recent months."