Monday, May 21, 2012

Support for Traditional Marriage

I periodically am asked what I think about possible nondiscrimination bills. That is an easy question. The answer is not as easy.

I support Traditional Marriage. I believe local, state, and national governments should protect and encourage traditional marriage.

I am not alone.

I personally support "The Family: A Proclamation to the World"

Now back to the original question:

I have been supportive of individual rights and attended the discussion this last year about a proposed nondiscrimination bill. The bill never made it to the House and I do not know if I would have voted for what would have been eventually presented or not.

In 2011, I fought against a few bills that I felt were unfair to individuals in nontraditional families. One of the bills even defined a family so narrow that two people, a married husband and wife, would not constitute a family. I proposed a public substitute to that bill. Another bill I opposed would have voided many existing private agreements. That group of bills were pulled by the sponsor from any agenda.

Several years ago, while not in the legislature, I felt 1 of 4 "common ground" bills should have passed with only a couple of words being changed. I wrote to my Representative, Senator and the Governor at the time expressing my support and the proposed minor amendment.

I have several friends in the LGBT community. I also have friends of many different faiths. I work to treat everyone with different beliefs with respect. You might ask what do these two things have to do with each other. I believe they are both important.

I believe nondiscrimination laws have to walk a narrow path, and my support will depend on several factors:

Do they hurt traditional marriage?

Do they follow the State of Utah Constitution,
including the rights of conscience and the marriage definition. See:,_Section_4.html?v=UC_AI_S4_1800010118000101

Not all proposals will work, but I would be interested in helping protect people with different beliefs be treated with respect as fellow human beings with the rights of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness".

There is a balance between protecting against discrimination and attacking someone else's right to believe what is right or wrong.

I have said I would be willing and interested in providing drafting feedback for a nondiscrimination bill and that I am not opposed to voting for a nondiscrimination bill that would include helping to make sure someone has a fair opportunity to work and live, subject to what is written in the bill.

I hope this answer helps,

Fred C. Cox, Representing House District 32 and Running for the new Utah House District 30.

Update:, I didn't win the election, and so I am not longer a representative. I did have someone ask me about the 2013 SB 262, and the following had my brief comments about this years bill:

Update 2: Same comments, slightly different line numbers for this year:

Update 3: A new bill was proposed in 2015 with my concerns answered. I voted for the bill and it did pass.