Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Vote Fred C. Cox for Salt Lake County Council District 2

Leadership, Experience, Integrity, Willing to Listen, Represent You, and Respect.

Economy, growth, taxes, your rights, transportation, water, sewer, clean air, and crime.

The end of 2019 and the beginning on 2020, I was the original sponsor (1 of 5) for the Utah 2019 Tax referendum. Working with voters throughout the state, both liberal, conservative, and everything in between, and as volunteers, we were able to gather over 170,000 signatures in 29 counties, exceeding the 116,000 required signatures in 15 counties. Because of the success of our team, the Legislature and the Governor repealed 2019 SB 2001, instead of facing the backlash of the voters this fall.

I served in the Utah House of Representatives in 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016. I had a reputation of being willing to listen, read, speak up and fight for and vote for what I believed was right, no matter the opposition. I held regular open town hall meetings, not just when I was running or when the legislature was in session.

Community Involvement: Valley West Rotary Club President, West Point (West Valley) Neighborhood Watch Chair, Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Western Growth Coalition.

Vote Fred C. Cox for Salt Lake County Council District 2

Who is Fred C. Cox?

Some Issues:

A few Endorsements:

What would Fred do differently than the current county Council

Against the Property Tax Increase the Council passed 7 v 2 a few months ago.
For reducing or more efficient spending.

Against additional gun restrictions.
For the 2nd Amendment and the State Constitution

Against the Olympia Hills Vote.
Promoted a different solution

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The Economy:

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Facebook Live Town Hall May 30, 2020 at 10am

Vote for Fred C. Cox for Salt Lake County Council District 2

Any campaign costs are paid by Fred C. Cox, Campaign Fund