Wednesday, April 15, 2020

It is the Economy

Many years ago I wrote this:

A Stable and Growing Economy
Utah is among Forbes best fiscally managed States and one of the best for business and careers. Many families are still struggling. We need to continue to improve. The Economy will grow when Government will allow it. In many cases Government is holding business growth back with too many regulations. 

This statement applies today even more than when I originally wrote it.

I have been self employed and worked as an employee.  

For decades of being self employed, it seemed that as soon as you started getting ahead, the government wanted the money.

We need transportation and water and sewer infrastructure. We need safe communities. With the Olympia Hills development passed by the existing county council, the local water district told me that future west bench development would need to get the water from the Bear River. They did not tell me how many $ Billions that would cost. 

We need better ideas.  Yes, I have ideas. I would love to hear yours.

I have town hall meetings. I did for each of the 4 years I served in the Legislature. It was the best place for me to listen to great ideas of how to solve things or learn what needed to be solved.

Vote Fred Cox for Salt Lake County Council 2
He listens.